"Did we mention that we offer custom solutions?"

In case we hadn't mentioned yet, we specialize in solutions specifically designed for your needs! Our superior knowledge and skills, coupled with our dedication, drive us to make sure that we pay close attention to your individual needs and offer smart solutions that are perfectly suited for you.

We enjoy comfort in many areas of expertise, using many widely known technologies/software. To list a handful, though amazingly not all of them:


PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, SQL, XML, ASP.Net, Perl, CGI, Shell (t/c/bash)

Software tools

Microsoft Office, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, SecureCRT, VMWare, Tortoise, Flash, Acrobat, Visual Studio

Online tools

Drupal (w/ module dev), WordPress, osCommerce, phpMyAdmin, CKEditor, Joomla


MySQL, Microsoft SQL, Oracle, T‐SQL, Access (VBA/VBScript)


Microsoft, Mac, Linux/Unix


SEO, CMS, CRM, SVN, Kerberos, SSL and certification, DNS, HIPAA, SFTP/SSH, MLS (multiple listing service), Agile, Scrum, strategic planning, goal setting, needs identification, team assembly, clean code practices, advanced diagnostics, collaboration, technical communication / jargon translation, web report analysis, data security considerations, legal ramifications, licensing and copyright requirements